Technoconsult Ltd. finished

in December  2013  - 4 500m2 MONILE®

 in factory of NESTLE PURINA in Russia.



1592 Sofia, BULGARIA

4, bul. Amsterdam

Tel: (+ 359 2) 975 14 55

Fax: (+359 2) 975 14 56








Company TECHNOCONSULT KALCHEV Ltd. is applicator of special industrial floorings and basically is oriented in floorings for food processing industry.


All systems of floorings are based on different types of resins, jointless and made directly on site. We are autorised applicator and working with materials of Belgian based Company RPM BELGIUM N.V. - leading Manufactorer and Supplier of Industrial Flooring Systems. 






Finished Projects:

PIK Vrbovec, Croatia 14500 m2 Monile and 2 300 m2 Monopur
Nestle Purina, Buk, Hungary 7 900 m2 Monile
NESTLE, Sofia, Bulgaria 9 700m2 Monepox SL
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  • We apply individual approach to every single client.
  • Working together with our customers we select the most suitable and economically fesable solutions from our broad spectrum of materials and system solutions.
  • We are workind with most innovative materials, providing cost effective solutions with good quality.
  • Our workers are skilled and competent, with long term experience on different local and foreign projects.
  • Our competence, coupled with more than 20 Years extensive practical experience in the field of Industrial floorings, enabling us to offer complete, unique solutions for just about every type of plant environment and requirement - this translate to greater efficiency and reliability in Project execution.


Make the right choise – stick to quality in production process


Everybody dream success, we create conditions to achieve it !


We offer floorings for:

Slaughterhouses and meat processing plants - white and red meat, fish etc.

Dairies and milk products

Fruits and vegetable processing plants, cooling rooms and fruit stores

Bread and bakeries

Chocolate and bisquit  producing factories

Caterring, kitchens and cooking areas

Breweries, bottling factories for natural juices and mineral watter

Loading ramps, warehouses and transport corridors

Other type of Industries – Pharmacy, Power plants, Machinery construction, Chemical industry, Electronics etc.